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Marbelite Pools Warranty +
Care Guide

Read our comprehensive warranty and to keep your marbelite pool in its best condition.

Naturally we warranty workmanship. Our labour warranty covers lifting or peeling of marbelite from the pool surface for 5 years from the date of application provided the pool has not been drained during that time. If in the unlikely event lifting or peeling does occur Marbelite pools will repair affected areas providing labour and materials at no cost to the homeowner. If guidelines are followed and your marbelite pool is properly cared for, Cemcrete or Rocket marbelite surface finish can last 20 years. Acceptance of this warranty is also with understanding that exposure to weather conditions and the passing of time can cause roughening of the surface finish and fading of colour.

Marbelite pools does not warranty fading or discoloration and or staining of marbelite over time due to improper chemical balancing or the neglect of regular maintenance and use of a pool cover. Marbelite pools will not be held responsible for any additional charges incurred by water draining, filling, chemicals, and or heating of the pool as a result of tending to the repairs. White marbelite is especially sensitive to staining from leaves or dirt if not brushed regularly. These stains can be easily treated and removed, but better to be avoided.

Care guide for newly resurfaced marbelite pools

Below are a few tips in taking care of your new marbelite coating.

  1. The first 4 weeks of a newly resurfaced marbelite pool is the most crucial time during the curing phase for a lasting finish. The more care your pool gets during the first 3 months the better the result will be in the long term.
  2. It is highly advised and strongly advocated that a newly resurfaced Marbelite pool should start being filled within 24 hours or sooner after application is completed. The new finish runs the risk of shrinking, webbing or cracking from drying out if not filled and covered with water. Do not walk in the pool before filling up as footprints may be left and stains extremely easy. The pool should also be filled from the deep end. When filling the Pool with a hosepipe it should be filled with a cloth around the end of a hosepipe.
  3. In order to retain the colour It is important that water is tested and balanced weekly as unbalanced water may lead to calcium build up on the new marbelite surface finish (refer to the table on the next page).
  4. The pool must be brushed and vacuumed by hand 2-3 times a week until the Kreepy krauly or automatic vacuum cleaner is introduced to prevent excessive calcium build up, especially in colour marbelite. After the automatic vacuum cleaner has been introduced brushing will still need to be done 2 to 3 times a week for the first month and weekly for the rest of its lifespan. Remember the filter needs to be backwashed after vacuuming or initial APC use as there is a white sediment (calcium) that will harden inside the filter if left for days on end. Backwash daily for the first 3 days after using an automatic pool cleaner.
  5. Marbelite contains alkaline properties and for this reason water PH needs to be closely monitored, especially during the first months of the curing period. If the PH is high adding up to a cup of pool acid to the water in order to stabilize it may be beneficial in lowering calcium deposits, adding acid may need to be done every week until curing has been exceeded. Please note that adding too much acid will render Chlorine less effective even cause it to become inactive.
  6. Try to avoid using a solid pool cover during the marbelite 3 month curing period as covers seem to increase calcium release making colour variation excessive. Using a pool net is also not advised because it inhibits a person from properly maintaining the pool during the crucial curing phase. During this time please keep a close eye on children and pets while they are around the pool.
  7. Do not use a Kreepy Krauly or other automatic vacuum cleaner for the first 14 days after application of new marbelite as this may damage the marbelite. After 14 days a Kreepy Krauly or another automatic vacuum cleaner may be introduced.
  8. Marbelite especially colour marbelite options do contain some colour variation as a result of lime present in all marbelite. Fading overtime and excessive calcium build up or release will be greatly avoided if chemical and maintenance guidelines herein mentioned are carefully followed and adhered to. Chemical water balancing

Chemical water balancing is very important in maintaining the life of your marbelite pool. Chemistry balances in the below table should be kept constant during maintenance of pool lifetime to assure a long lifespan of your Marbelite coating.

Element PPM
PH 7.2 - 7.6 ppm
Alkalinity 80 - 120 ppm
Calcium Hardness 200 - 400 ppm
Free Available Chlorine (FAC) 1 to 3 ppm
Total Available Chlorine 1 to 3 ppm
Total Dissolved Solids 1,500 ppm
Metals 0 ppm
Salt Level 2500 - 3500 ppm (Salt Chlorination Only)

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