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Marbelite Pool Resurfacing in
Johannesburg and Pretoria

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Marberlite pool plaster application, coating and resurfacing for concrete pools

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Applying Quality Marbelite finishing is the most economical as well as tough quality long term option for concrete swimming pools. If Replastering your pool is recommended, Marbelite Pools will work with you from the beginning of the process to final end result. Our purposeful is to resurface and restore swimming pools with a marbelite product of long term value. We have recoated and resurfaced numerous pools in Johannesburg North and Gauteng. Our qualified and knowledgeable team pay careful attention to personal request and detail in order to customize surfacing according to to your individual needs. Our Quality assurance is reflected by a 5 year warranty.

Only the best quality Materials are used to restore your pool's condition. Marbelite surface finish has various advantages. It can convert the overall appearance of your swimming pool without the complications of replacing old concrete. Using the already placed concrete we'll pour a new layer of concrete ontop. Your new marbelite surface can then be customized according to your taste with a variety of different colours and mosaic tiling options.

Only the best craftmanship in Johannesburg and Pretoria

The resurfacing process of Marbelite can be a complex and should only be done by Qualified professionals. Marbelite Pools are the best quality

Contact us for any questions regarding Marbelite Pools Resurfacing. Our team are made up of qualified and trained individuals who have years of experience in Marbelite and Pool construction working on numerous pools across Gauteng and South Africa.