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Pool Leak Detection and
Repair In Gauteng

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We are professional Pool leak detection and repair specialists situated in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Contact us today for profesional pool leak detection and repair. Call us on 081 255 3224 or email us at

Swimming Pool Leaks

swimming pool leaks often occur suddenly and can become highly frustrating for any home owner. Some leaks, if not repaired immediately can cause serious damage to property which may result in compromising the structural integrity of a swimming pool. A pool being made up of various components among other parts includes structural, electrical and plumbing.

Leak detection is a highly specialized branch in this industry. A thorough pool leak detection process will include; inspecting the pool surface finish, the mosaic border, the light and it’s casing, the weir, all plumbing (including underground high pressure return lines with their amflow and high pressure suction line), solar panels and its underground piping, the pump/filter system as well as all its components and parts. After we have identified your pool leak we will then quote you on repairs.

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We'll Find the Pool Leak or it's Free

We have gotten so good at detecting and repairing leaks that if we dont find your pool leak its free. Get in touch with us on 081 255 3224 or email us at for a free, personalized quote.

Pools are built to be watertight but surface finishes will deteriorate while other components of your pool shift and settle or just wear out. Pools can leak through old fittings and accessories, plumbing, or even penetrate right through the shell.

Just because the pool water is lower than normal it does not always mean that there is a leak. Environmental factors such as humidity, wind and sun exposure can impact the rate of the pool’s water evaporation. Pool leak detection is therefore a process that involves testing the parts of the filter system, plumbing and pool interior to successfully detect the leak. For this reason, hiring an experienced contractor with expertise and the right tools to find and fix the leak.

We have been in this industry for over 10 years. Specializing in this work only has allowed us to become masters of our trade. We do not do pool leak detection and repairs only weekly or monthly but, every day.

Call us today on 081 255 3224 or email us at to schedule an appointment for pool leak detection and repairs.